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Key Specifications
- BioMaster. CENTRALIZED MANAGEMENT. Application for connecting multiple local BioSurveillance or BioMarketing systems, permitting centralized management.

- BioGenerator. SYNTHETIC GENERATION. BioGenerator provides artificial rotations of an individual’s face based on an initial image, thereby improving recognition efficiency.

- BioCom. INTEGRATION WITH APPLICATIONS. The BioCom communications module facilitates the task of integrating our products with specific applications.

- BioAlarm. ALERTS ON MOBILE DEVICES. BioAlarm is an external visualization module that enables the remote reception of alarms on Apple / Android mobile devices.

- BioDatabase. IMAGES IMPORTATION. BioDatabase is a management tool that facilitates the automatic incorporation of a large number of subjects in the database.

- BioEnrollment. AUTOMATIC ENROLLMENT. BioEnrollment permits the incorporation into a database of all the subjects who pass in front of a camera, automatically and without any collaboration on the part of the subject.

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