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Key Specifications
Main Function

* With 8 routes of wired input alarm.

* Monitor 3 phase loss voltage and single phase failure of the electric distribution network.

* Can connect line-cut/movement/vibration sensors etc., It will alarm when power transformer is damaged or moved.

* Send SMS to 6 preset mobile phone numbers automatically while alarming.

* Auto-dial 2 preset phone numbers and monitor the alarm site while ala


* Can program the alarm host and inquiry its status by SMS demand

* Can report the communication status of alarm host in fixed time everyday.

* Can set fixed-time arm/disarm.

* Completely sealed aluminum outer shell: waterproof, anti-corrosion, fireproof, strike preventing which are suitable for outdoor installation.

* Resist electromagnetic interference, lighting and thunder(New)

* The system has power-off protection function. When the external power supply is damaged or the power is off, the system can continue to work with a backup battery.

* Can install the solar battery that can supply the power for alarm host and charge the backup battery.(New)

* External power failure alarm: when the system checks out that there is something wrong with the external power or the external power is off for more than 2 seconds, it will alarm immediately

* Can connect with the alarm center through GSM network.


* GSM frequency: 900/1800MHZ or 850/1900MHZ ( GSM WAVECOME Module)

The frequency of Model No.G30E: 900/1800MHZ

The frequency of Model No.G30EA: 850/1900MHZ

Note: only the GSM frequency is different between the two models.

* Output Mode

SMS data output

Auto-dialed voice output

* Alarm response time: 8s,GSM is in normality

* Siren volume: 110 db

* Electric power network: connect mode: Y

Phase-Neutral rated work voltage: AC220V

Phase-Neutral lowest work voltage: AC110V

Phase-Neutral highest work voltage: AC270V

* Biggest capacity of insurance tube: 3A

* Standby battery: DC12V/1.2AH

or DC12V/1AH,Ni-MH battery

* Anti- electromagnetic interference: IEC55022

* Insulation level: grade B

* Protection level: IP55

* Temperature: -10-+55

Humidity: 95% (non-condensation)

Power Transformer alarm system
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