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Key Specifications
Main Function


. Adapt wavecom double frequency GSM module.

. 9 wireless guarding zones

( 1 SOS alarm zone, 1 fire alarm zone, 1 external power failure alarm zone, the other 6 wireless guarding zones can be defined by user)

. hardwire guarding zones.

. Send SMS to 3 mobile phones automatically while alarming.

. Call 3 phones automatically while alarming and drive wiretap.

. Arm/disarm by wireless keyboard, remote controller, SMS or remote telephone/mobile phone.

. Set the host by wireless keyboard, SMS or remote phone.

. Report guarding zones remotely by SMS or voice.

. Modify the name of wireless guarding zones and inquire the status of host by SMS demand.

. With voice reminder while the host is working

. Support two-way communication can be used as handfree telephone.

. With standby rechargeable battery.

. The alarm host automatically stores system status, while its power is off.

. Connect with the alarm center through GSM network.

Wireless GSM Home alarm system G10E
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