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Key Specifications
1.Products directly use 220V power supply。

2.Support WIFI IEEE 802.11n、 IEEE 802.11g、IEEE 802.11b、CSMA/CA with ACK protocol。

3.Support mobile phone through the WIFI to configure and control the gateway。

4.By mobile phone APP can control product lights color temperature, brightness and color。

5.Product configuration voice module, support voice broadcast, can listen to online radio。

6.The product and temperature, humidity、PM2.5、formaldehyde、smart switch,door sensor,bodydetection device is connected, the alarm device will touch the gateway detects abnormal, alarm and sends information to the smart home APP mobile terminal, the monitoring data were recorded at the APP end at the same time, easy access。

7.LED lights, you can set different scenes, adjust the brightness of the induction lamp, color。

8.Support alarm function

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