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Key Specifications


◆ Renewed design, Adopt AMP Socket separation installation, easy installation & maintenance.

◆ Unique buffering and anti-shocking device realizing soft connection between the PTZ camera and the vehicle,thus ensure the image quality and greatly extend the life expectancy of the Vehicle PTZ cam. with up to 6g(1g=9.8m/s2) rating shocking, 49g limit shocking

◆ Built-in Vari-focus camera, Decoder, reasonable and compact structure,Pan 360°continuously rotation, upward angle (+90°,-90°), no spot.

◆ Both IR lights and searching light are available

◆ IR lights with Equal brightness will Vary in accordance with the camera zoom and has super long life expectancy. Infrared night vision:<=100 meters.

◆ Full-time weather protection with anti freezing rain function, Working Temperature: -40℃~+60℃

◆ High die-cast Aluminum casing, Shock-proof, Rust-proof, special power design with protection function in Vehicle''s starting up, emergency braking and flameout, with wiper.

◆ 128 presets (Titles can be set); Tour is based on presets; speed & park time of presets can be set.

◆ Built-in OSD menu, can set and call the presets, tour, scan, camera mode and display name through menu and change the parameter of the dome.

◆ 8 programmable zones, 4 pattern, and each record time is not less than 180s.

◆ 4 scan, support scan between left and right limit at an appointed speed.

◆ Park action function, can auto-call presets or start-up tour, pattern, scan and display areas after the dome is idle for a period of time.

◆ Real time Clock Function, can Set auto-call presets or start-up tour, pattern, scan in particular time by built-in OSD Menu.

◆ Data recording function,With Built-in Memory used to store Parameters of the PTZ cam and various set functions

◆ Temperature display function, Realizing real time temperature surveillance inside the dome .

◆ Display function of Pan/tilt position and zoom in/out.

◆ 7 alarm input, 2 alarm output, support alarm linkage. (To call preset pattern, scan, tour, display areas etc)

◆ Privacy masking zone, when there is a private zone on the monitor, masking frame can be set to protect privacy, setting up to 24 masking frames with various dimension.

◆ Communication (support Rs485, Manchester, BI-PHASE code).

◆ Built-in multi-protocol transform and fully compatible with protocols below: PELCO-D/P, MOLYNX, KALATEL, BOSCH(PHILIPS), SENSORNT, VIDOB02 and mainstream protocols etc.

◆ IP66 all-day defend cover, built-in constant temperature device.

◆ Built-in TVS4000V lightning-proof, surge-proof and wave-proof. With 2-3 grade protection circuit in Video, communication, power input ends


Power supply DC 12V ±2V

Power consumption Maximum 100W

Monitor method Manual/Time start-up setting

Infrared light Manual/auto (Automatical gradually open in accordance with the Zoom times )

Wiper Manual

Night-vision distance 100m

Rotation speed Pan 0.4 ~ 80°/s,Tilt 0.4 ~ 60°/s

Preset speed Pan160°/s,Tilt120°/s

Orientation accuracy ±0.05°

Rotation Pan 360°continuously,tilt 180°(-90° ~ +90°),with auto-flip

Speed Proportion Auto-adjust the speed As the length of focus

Preset 128 preset, titles can be edited

Auto-flip Tilt down 90°, with auto-flip 180°

Scan 355°programmable ,4 scan

Display zone 8 programmable zones with titles

Alarm function 7 alarm input / 2 alarm output

Sync Model Internal/external

Decoder Built-in

Video output Female BNC

Baud rate (RS485) 2400/4800/9600/19200 bps

ID range 1~254

Temperature Outdoor -40℃~+60℃

Humidity 0~95%(Non-condensation)

Protection grade IP66, 4000V lightning-proof, surge-proof, wave-proof, all-day defend cover

Dimension (L×W×H) 411*210*269(H)mm.

Gross weight 12KG

D89 Heavy Shocking resistant Vehicle PTZ
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