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Key Specifications
Features: Gas Leakage Detector

High reliability sensor

Auto reset after alarm

MCU processing adopted

Auto detect sensor failure

Induced gas-natural gas/LPG/LNG

SMT design, high stability

Wide work voltage

Work with electrovalve&manipulator

Tecnical Parameter:

Operating Voltage:AC85-265V

Static Current:90mA

30mA(low power consumption type )

Alarm Current:100mA

40mA(low power consumption type )

Rating Power: 3W(AC 220V supply)

Warm-up Time: about 180S

Alarm Level: 10%LEL

Sound Level: 85dB/m

Operating Temperature: -10℃- +50℃

Environment Humidity: 95% RH

Installation Mode: wall mounted

Alarm Output: relay output/sound & flash alarm

RF 315MHz or 433MHz (wireless type)

Radio Distance: 100m in open area (wireless type)

Outline Size 115*72*41mm

Execute Criterion:EN50291/GB15322.2-2003

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