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Key Specifications

Each NVR can record video and audio from up to 64 cameras and playback up to 20 video streams at full framerate simultaneously. Several models are available with different storage capacities from either integrated fixed disks or hot-swappable removable drives. All the NVRs use the latest hard drive technology from Seagate, with disks that have been developed for continuous video surveillance recording. Each disk drive has a 5-year warranty.

The high-performance specification of the new NVRs, coupled with IndigoVision’s class-leading compression technology means that each NVR can record both MPEG-4 and H.264 video from multiple cameras for long periods. For example, a single NVR-AS 3000 could record H.264 video from 32 cameras continuously at 4SIF, full framerate, based on moderate motion levels for 50 days.The new 3000 range is based on a robust LINUX architecture and provides high-levels of redundancy. The new models can be configured to have RAID 0, RAID 1 or RAID 5 disks and all have redundant network connections and internal power supplies with redundant power connectors.

The NVR-AS 3000 range has extremely low power consumption ranging from 32W (Compact) to just 53W (RAID Array). This means running costs are much lower compared to PC-based recording servers with attached storage. They can be stacked densely in a 19 inch rack and any AC cooling plant can be smaller, both helping to reduce the overall cost of the recording solution and physical footprint - an important consideration in many control and plant rooms.

IndigoVision NVR-AS 3000 NVR
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