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TRASSIR provides security for AGRINVEST in Romania

TRASSIR has been appointed as the video surveillance solution by AGRINVEST - a leading provider of agricultural products and services in Romania. The company’s main activity is the establishment of crops, technical advice and funding for farmers, purchasing, storage and marketing of grain and crops, production, processing and marketing of seeds and pesticides.

The installation has been performed by our partners, AZITREND Distribution.

TRASSIR conducts video surveillance for AGRINVEST facilities providing the security at the premises.

Project implementation ensures the perimeter surveillance in 15 locations that are spreaded across the country. For each site, there are between 16 and 50 video channels, depending on size and configuration of the particular facility being monitored. The total number of video channels for this installation is 450.

The notable result of using TRASSIR video surveillance solution was the reduction of the total number of security agents used to patrol the area during the night and full time in weekends. Providing substantial cut costs for funding the security personnel.

The total saving of security cost gained as result of installing TRASSIR at the premises is approximately 75% of initial payroll for security staff. This outcome comes with the added important benefit - the overall quality of service has increased significantly.

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