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New version of AutoTRASSIR 5: LPR based on using neural networks

A new version of our popular solution for license plate recognition has been released! AutoTRASSIR 5 is LPR solution based on using modern neural networks technologies to process the video image and perform license plate recognition tasks.

The -d version adds new sophisticated algorithm for LPR based on three neural networks. It allows you to accurately recognize license plates and identify registration plates used in different countries. AutoTRASSIR 5 performs recognition with high precision allowing to mount he camera at almost any angle.

The new version of AutoTRASSIR 5 brings the following features and benefits:

The main tasks for AutoTRASSIR video analytics is the detection of vehicles on video received from surveillance cameras, reading and identifying license plates numbers and recording all of this data in the event log.

The most important advantage of the new version is the use of a new neural networks architecture for recognition of registration plates for different types of vehicles.

The new LPR 5 algorithm uses three different neural networks, each of which performs its own task:

- the first neural network detector detects the presence of vehicles and identifies the type of vehicle (motorcycle, car, minivan/van, truck, bus) and transmits the data for further processing;

- the second neural network detector recognizes all plates with registration numbers that are present on the video rames received from the first neural network;

- the third neural network detector performs optical character recognition on license plates to actually record the plates numbers for vehicles to the log

The new version works on TRASSIR NeuroStation servers locally. These servers are specially designed to work with intellectual video analytics. This range of powerful TRASSIR NVRs use hardware graphic accelerators that allow to achieve high efficiency at processing of large streams of video data.

Additional optimization of intelligent video analytics to perform video processing using all the advantages of these servers significantly increases the speed and overall performance.

The new version of AutoTRASSIR 5 allows you to process video remotely using any TRASSIR NVRs. To do this, all you need is to connect the existing network video recorders to any TRASSIR NeuroStation server over the network or using TRASSIR Cloud. With our sophisticated off-load technology it is possible to redirect the available capacity of the more productive servers for balancing the work load and computing.

What you receive with AutoTRASSIR 5:

- High accuracy of license plate recognition due to use of intelligent video analytics based on neural networks

- Recognition of all types of license plates and vehicles.

- A Recognition license plates for vehicles from different countries. The list of supported countries include: Austria, Belarus, Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany, Georgia, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Switzerland

- Recognition from complex angles. Now you are not limited to mounting the video camera at specifica angles only in order to achieve high quality of license plates recognition

- Trouble-free admission of cars to the territory. AutoTRASSIR detects absolutely all vehicles that get into the field of view of the camera using a separate neural network.

- Flexible configuration of the options used for recognition. You can configure the detector depending on your needs and the conditions on a particular object.
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