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TRASSIR ensures safety for Auchan hypermarkets in Romania

TRASSIR has been appointed as the video surveillance solution by Auchan Romania. It is one of the largest retail networks in Romania, with 33 hypermarkets and 11000 employees.

For this particular project, TRASSIR is implemented in 13 MyAuchan stores. Each of the stores features 20 surveillance cameras and 1 TRASSIR server for video data processing. The area covered by the video cameras is 500 m2 for each store. That is the area of 6,500 m2 in total. The installation has been performed by our partners, AZITREND Distribution.

TRASSIR VMS is at the core of the entire solution. It is integrated with access control systems, burglary systems, anti-theft detection gates, and fire safety systems.

However video surveillance is not limited to safety purposes only. The offered solution helps the customer to control its retail activity.

TRASSIR’s dedicated intelligent cash control ActivePOS video analytics is constantly monitoring all POS transactions. All actions of the cashiers are monitored to prevent any fraudulent activity and detect human errors. If any suspicious incident happens, ActivePOS immediately sends automatic notifications to the operator. Helping to cut the costs on the retail shrinkage and personnel errors for the retailer.

TRASSIR also monitors and detects all the activity at the access gates of the warehouse.

The entire coordination for this complex security solution is done from the customer's ownvideo dispatcher.

As a result, the customer benefits from using advanced video analytics tailored specifically for the retail needs. Utilizing the TRASSIR video surveillance solution allows to provide security and cut the costs on the retail shrinkage and personnel errors for the retailer.
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