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TRASSIR NeuroStation series: a major upgrade to TRASSIR’s range of powerful NVRs

Introducing a new range of TRASSIR NVRs developed to solve even the most complex tasks! TRASSIR Neurostation NVRs are a major - to the existing range of powerful network video recorders.

The series feature models that are manufactured in both desktop and rack-mount types of housing.

The list of available models include:

16-channels TRASSIR NeuroStation Compact
16-channels Compact NeuroStation RE
128-channels TRASSIR NeuroStation
128-channels NeuroStation Pro

All new network video recorders support Offload Analytics — i.e. are capable of accepting and processing of video data received from other TRASSIR video surveillance servers.

All NVR's come with a pre-installed TRASSIR OS operating system and a set of base video analytics:

ActiveSearch — intelligent high-speed search in the archive

MultiSearch — search for events in the selected area of the frame and playback of up to seven fragments at the same time

Mobile Client — access camera data and settings from your connected mobile device

Fire & Smoke — fire and smoke detectors that detect fire faster than fire detectors

Event Search — search for events using keywords

Face Detector — face detection

Sabotage Detector — video signal loss, blocked camera lens, change of field of view and defocusing detection

New NVRs process video data using deep learning neural networks. Video analytics based on modern neural networks use the latest technology advancements.That’s why the object detection quality they provide is far superior when compared with traditional methods. The other great advantage over old-school video data processing - the number of false positives is reduced to a minimum.

The list of available intellactual neuro analytics detectors that can be used with TRASSIR Neurostation NVRs:

Neuro Detector

Detects and tracks any objects in the frame — people, cars, cyclists, etc. Notifies when intrusion of the object to a certain area is detected and creates an alarm. There is a detection setting to reduce the number of false positives. When activated, the video analytics does not take into account extraneous objects and noise.

Crowd Detector

Over-crowding detector — automatically creates an alarm when the allowed number of people has exceed the set value.

Direction Detector

Tracks the movement of objects in the frame — in the case of movement in a prohibited direction notifies the operator.

Wear Detector

Detects whether the employee is dressed in work clothes or not. Helps monitor compliance with safety regulations. Sends a notification to the responsible person in case of detection of a person without a special work clothes in the work area.

Queue Detector

Monitors the number of people in the queue. Sends a notification to the management in case of exceeding the set value. Collects all queue management data and provides the report. Combined with TRASSIR ActivePOS intellectual cash analytics, allows to allocate more or less cashiers to the sales area during idle or peak hours depending on the current occupancy of the store.

Staff Tracker

TRASSIR Staff Tracker — программное обеспечение для контроля качества работы сотрудников в зоне обслуживания, модуль отслеживает количество персонала и обслуженных и оставленных без внимания посетителей, формирует доказательный архив.

Monitors the quality of work of employees in the service areas. This intellactual video analytics tracks the number of staff and the number of served and ignored visitors.

Heat Map on Map

Multi-camera map of people's movement based on neural networks. Data from Human detector are collected and superimposed on the map of the room, allowing to get a deeper understanding of customers behavior in the store.
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