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TRASSIR ensures security at correctional facilities for Turkish Ministry of Justice

TRASSIR has been providing reliable solutions for the massive projects featuring video surveillance systems in the Middle East region for a quite a long period of time. Professional selection of equipment and integration on the territory of Turkey was performed with the highest contribution of the global Turkish partner - PCC Elektronik. As an exclusive distributor of TRASSIR solutions in the country, PCC Elektronik has accomplished a great number of highly qualified projects.

The 209 channels project for Turkish Ministry of Justice for the A?r? Do?ubeyaz?t Prison is one of the good illustrative examples of such projects.

TRASSIR has been selected as the main framework of the prison security system. Turkish Ministry of Justice is a very demanding customer. Therefore only top quality video surveillance solutions that meet the highest requirements of the state institutions were considered initially.

The decision to cooperate was made due to a number of factors. The biggest concern was the high demand for security for correctional facilities. This customer request came with the requirement for VMS to have efficiently implemented integration with 3rd party security systems, such as fire alarm security and access control systems.

TRASSIR has successfully met all the requirements and has become the main security hub for the correctional facility. The system controls the perimeter, outside and inside security of all zones, corridors, rooms in the prison complex area.

Installing TRASSIR at the correctional facility has allowed to solve the number of issues:

- The areas where the staff exist, the entrance and exit doors, the main gates, the warehouse parts, incoming and outgoing roads to the prison are monitored by the Trassir VMS.

- The perimeters around the facility are constantly under surveillance. All video footage is recorded and stored in the archive.

- The responsible security staff is able to monitor the safety in a monitoring room.

- Operators see the data from all available IP-channels on a dedicated video wall. Such approach allows the security officers to get a complete picture of what is happening in the territory at a glance.

- TRASSIR enables the guards to act quickly and provide the prompt response to any issues. Security staff can take immediate action in case of any problems throughout the correctional facility.

As a result, TRASSIR solution helps automate a lot of routine security tasks and significantly increases the efficiency of the video surveillance system as well as the total security level for such a critical object.
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