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TRASSIR ensures security in DAP YAPI Konutlari apartment complex in Istanbul

TRASSIR is installed at the residential complex of DAP YAPI. It is a modern property designed with up-to date technologies. The residences are located in the Maltepe district in Istanbul. This is a rather complicated project incorporating 50 video channels across the housing estate.

Professional selection of equipment was made by exclusive distributor of TRASSIR products on the territory of Turkey and Northern Cyprus - PCC Elektronik.

DAP YAPI is one of the biggest construction companies in Turkey, which has built awarded residential complexes with high technology architecture and design. Efiks Bilgisayar, which commonly integrates and installs perimeter security video surveillance and safety systems, has installed the system as the integrator.

TRASSIR flagship VMS controls 50 IP-cameras that are installed around the territory of the residential complex. All of the cameras have been added via ONVIF protocol. All channels are monitored 24/7 by the responsible staff. A monitoring room with a video wall has been established for easy controlling of the activities happening in the protected areas.

All video channels are under constant supervision by the security staff. The flexibility and rich functionality of TRASSIR VMS has allow for creation of different automation rules like sound playing, motion detection and similar alerts.

Installing TRASSIR at the housing estate has allowed to solve the number of issues:

- The security of the recreation areas, the garden, the outside and the inside territories of the residential complex has been achieved.

- Security staff is able to monitor the safety of the residences in a monitoring room. The security officers see the signals from every installed camera on a video wall. This helps to prevent theft at the level of intent.

- TRASSIR enables the guards to act immediately and provide the prompt response to any issues (non-allowed intruders, vehicles, emergency situations etc.)

As a result, TRASSIR solution helps automate a lot of routine tasks and significantly increase the efficiency of the video surveillance system and security staff.

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