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New release TRASSIR 4.1.131352

TRASSIR introduces the release of the new version of its flagship professional VMS. The new release has version 4.1.131352 and carries a number of important changes:

1. TRASSIR Alerts. New notification system in VMS TRASSIR that allows to perform operator reaction control. The new technology is responsible for delivering messages from TRASSIR modules and applications to the operator in the TRASSIR Client and sending push notifications to mobile clients for Android and iOS. TRASSIR Alerts works online using TRASSIR Cloud and as a part of TRASSIR EnterpriseIP video surveillance system via TRASSIR CMS.

TRASSIR Alerts monitors the response of the operator on the alert and displays the related context. The context includes: camera presets, maps of the premises in TRASSIR Plans, AutoTRASSIR recognized vehicle log, ActivePOS data, etc. Basically the context can span the information from any modules that can be placed in the templates in VMS TRASSIR.

2. The quality of all Video Analytics that use Face recognition has been significantly improved in this latest TRASSIR release. This includes Face Detector, Face Search, Face Analytics, and Face Recognition.

3. Support for built-in video hardware facial recognition in video cameras. Open-platform VMS TRASSIR now has functionality that allows to use neural network hardware Video Analytics in video cameras in the nearest future. This will significantly reduce the load on the video surveillance server.

4. Multiple audio channels. With this functionality, you can associate a video stream from one channel with an audio stream from another. And listen to it while watching a live video or any records from the archive.

5. TRASSIR VMS interface display is improved on high resolution monitors (Retina, 4K). The TRASSIR user interface is now correctly displayed on all type of monitors.

6. Improved integration with third-party systems and cameras. New integrated devices list includes: Amatek, Axis, Dahua, Infinity, Hikvision, Honeywell, Huawei, LTV, RVi, Vivotek, Wisenet Samsung.

All of these features are available for our users. Download the latest TRASSIR release from our web-site!

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