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Meet our new flagship VMS solution: TRASSIR EnterpriseIP

TRASSIR EnterpriseIP is the new flagship VMS from TRASSIR! Enterprise IP is a distributed video surveillance system designed for a large number of users, video surveillance servers and video cameras.

The new video surveillance system includes all the features of TRASSIR AnyIP and provides many additional features present exclusively in this version of professional VMS TRASSIR software.

A distinctive feature of TRASSIR EnterpriseIP is its excellent scalability. Due to this fact the system supports almost unlimited number of objects that can be distributed geographically.

TRASSIR Enterprise IP includes a great tool for managing the entire system called TRASSIR CMS Server. It is a functional and powerful solution designed for centralized monitoring and management of large-scale video surveillance system being at the core of TRASSIR Enterprise IP.

In addition TRASSIR CMS Server provides centralized data collection provided by intelligent Video Analytics intended for solutions for the particular industry. These data can be accessed via a convenient Web interface and various Business Intelligence tools (e.g. Tableau).

TRASSIR CMS Server allows you to create different types of consolidated reports. For example, it can be a report on the rate of resolution of incidents such as “queue length is more than acceptable” on the network of retail stores. Or it can be a report on the amounts of POS-losses (losses at the cash registers at the check-out from the store) identified using TRASSIR ActivePOS.

TRASSIR CMS Server allows you to manage rights, roles and credentials for all users in the TRASSIR EnterpriseIP.

TRASSIR EnterpriseIP VMS enables centralized licensing on your network. These functions are performed by a special device called TRASSIR License Station, which licenses all TRASSIR (Linux) EnterpriseIP servers on the network.

TRASSIR Enterprise IP has virtualization support and is highly reliable. Using local network licensing enables automatic migration of a virtual machine between physical servers in the event of a physical server failure. This provides increased fault tolerance of the video surveillance system as a whole.

TRASSIR CMS Server automatically creates backup copies of settings and license files that can be restored in the future. This allows you to bring the reliability of the video surveillance system to a whole new level.

TRASSIR IP Enterprise provides the ability to centrally manage layouts and presets in the user interface of the video surveillance system.

Management of -s in TRASSIR Enterprise IP VMS is the most convenient for users. -s are distributed automatically with the ability to selectively - individual servers.

TRASSIR Enterprise IP has advanced monitoring functions for all components of the video surveillance system. TRASSIR Enterprise IP continuously monitors the health of servers, video cameras, and other components of the video surveillance system. Сomprehensive reports that contain detailed information about the state of the equipment are generated based on the results of the inspection.

Briefly summarizing, TRASSIR Enterprise IP main advantages are: excellent scalability, TRASSIR CMS Server for centralized monitoring and management of large-scale video surveillance system, centralized licensing on the network using dedicated TRASSIR License Station, virtualization support and high reliability.

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