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Top 14 trends on the CCTV market following the results of Security China 2018 expo

We have summed up the results of participation in the Security China 2018 expo and identified several major trends in the market of software and equipment for video surveillance systems. You can find the list of the most important trends from our point of view below.

1. AI SoCs
HiSilicon strengthens the position of the leader in the production of SoCs (System-on-a-Chip) and sets the trend in the development of the industry in the direction of AI-technologies (Analysis & Identification). The most interesting are the two new processors for Smart IP cameras – 3516CV500 and 3516DV300.

Other chip manufacturers try not to fall behind, however their products look more modest. NextChip offers its new Neuromorphic chipset using machine learning and object recognition VIC (Human-like Visual Intelligence Chip). It is noteworthy that the chip architecture is similar to the structure of synapses of the human brain.

2. Growth of AI solutions in video Analytics
All leading manufacturers of video surveillance systems have picked up the trend for the development and implementation of AI-solutions. Now this trend is the main vector of development of the industry.

The trend for using the on-board video analytics in video surveillance cameras has somewhat slowed down. This year there has been no strong growth in offerings of IP-cameras with advanced hardware Video Analytics (face recognition, LPR, etc.). There are not many vendors offering built-in Face Recognition capabilities in the video cameras. However the available size of the database of stored persons has significantly increased in the presented solutions.

3. AI in cloud services
The trend of introducing Video Analytics into the cloud is becoming more and more noticeable. Not only widely known companies (for example, Hikvision and Dahua), but also a number of less well-known manufacturers have showcased their own cloud based services.

A trend for global integration is developing. Its goal is to integrate video surveillance, fire and security alarm systems, ACS (Access Control Systems) and partly "smart home" solutions into one integrated global monitoring system using AI and cloud technologies.

4. AI-soltions for ACS
AI solutions are actively implemented in access control systems at the moment. For example, there were a lot of “smart" barriers with facial recognition for use in office buildings.

FullHan offers FH8630d/8632 chips that are specially developed for low power solutions with support for Wi-Fi and cloud (for example, for intercoms). Only the largest vendors of CCTV equipment like Hikvision, Dahua or Huawei have such systems at their disposal. Most of the proposals for such projects come from companies specializing in the development of integrated solutions.

5. Smart compression
The so-called “smart compression” continues to develop actively. HiSilicon claims bitrate savings of up to 80% on its AI-based chips. While FullHan introduced two new chipd with brand new advanced Smart H.265 codec.

6. Highly sensitive CMOS
An important trend is the transition of video camera manufacturers to the use of highly sensitive CMOS. Sony clearly sets this trend with its range of CMOS: MX 307, 327, 334, 385.

7. High-aperture lens
To illustrate this major trend in IP-camera optics there were a number of lenses with high aperture (F ~1.0): fixed lenses (Foctek) and Varifocal lenses (Evetar, CWZK).

8. 4G in consumer cameras
4G becomes mainstream and goes to consumer cameras. Compared to last year, the number of proposals has increased significantly.

9. Stagnation of resolution in cameras
Any significant breakthrough in increasing the resolution is not the case at the moment. There are a few proposals of cameras with a resolution of 8K. But for now such solutions are considered as an exotic for the most part. However, 4K takes a sure step and is coming to the masses, including the consumer market (action cameras, etc.).

10. 4K in analog cameras
A lot of offers for analog cameras with a resolution of 4K: FullHan introduced a new FH8556 chip for 8 megapixel analog cameras.

Analog video transmission technologies are also developing. NextChip introduced processors to transmit analog video and audio over a single coaxial cable.

11. Promotion of PVRs
There has been a huge number of new PVR models. Most of them support 4G and informative software for tracking, synchronization and control. The new models are equipped with external cameras and compact portable docking stations for 8-16 devices.

Many models are equipped with biometric protection: fingerprint authorization or face recognition.

12. GPU in video surveillance servers
Several manufacturers have presented an alternative to the use of GPU in video surveillance servers.

One of the main trends in this area is the use of modular principle for video surveillance servers.

13. Detectors for Video Analytics based on neural networks
The global trend is the use of detectors based on neural networks in intelligent video Analytics solutions. For example, these detectors are used in video surveillance systems in the various "Safe city" and "Smart city" projects.

The tone is clearly set by the use of AI. However, now small companies have the opportunity to use all the advantages of artificial intelligence technologies and neural networks by using AI-resources of large vendors. As a result everything boils down to a platform model: third-party companies bring added value to large vendors who don't have to spend significant amount of resources on development.

14. Improved interfaces and user experience
Another important trend in software for video surveillance systems is the constant work on improving the usability and user experience. VMS interfaces become more comfortable to the eye and easy to understand for users. Such usability improvements have a positive effect on the overall efficiency of the software for video surveillance systems.

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