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TRASSIR 4.1 New release

TRASSIR introduces the release of a major - to its flagship professional VMS. The new release has version 4.1 and carries a large number of important -s:

1. Intelligent TRASSIR Face Recognition video analytics can now be used with Access Control Systems. For example, ACS can open the passage when the face from the white list in the database is detected.

TRASSIR Face Analytics is now able to count unique persons and provides the option to review faces and export them as a compressed archive.

2. In TRASSIR 4.1 there is a new neural network detectors. TRASSIR Neutron Detector accurately detects the presence of not only people, but also cars and bicycles on the video image.

There are new detectors based on neural networks in TRASSIR 4.1. These video analytics use sophisticated algorithms to process the video in real time. TRASSIR NeuroDetector accurately detects the presence of people, cars and bicycles on the video.

Using smart tracking feature available in TRASSIR NeuroTracker it is now possible to count the number of objects crossing a specified line or area.

3. TRASSIR Sabotage Detector and license plate recognition solution AutoTRASSIR now utilize the GPU. This will allow for more efficient use of available computing power. Starting from version 4.1, both video analytics support the possibility of using the computing resources of another TRASSIR server (offload analytics).

4. Various interface improvements are implemented in this release. TRASSIR perfomance on high-resolution monitors has been improved. Some small changes to the web-interface have been applied.

5. Some fixed have been made to improve the cyber security of TRASSIR professional software

6. Аutomation capabilities are improved

7. Improved work with TRASSIR Cloud service

You can download the latest TRASSIR release from the official web-site:

Find more details at!
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