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New TRASSIR Dewarp features

TRASSIR 4 brings many important changes. These include not only completely new features but also improvements and additional options extending the functionality of existing tools.

Brand new TRASSIR release features significantly revised Dewarp module. It has been redesigned by our dedicated development team to dramatically improve the performance. As a result of the hard work and efforts of our specialists TRASSIR Dewarp divides the panoramic image from the FishEye camera into separate virtual channels. Now the software works with cameras from any manufacturers expanding the range of the available compatible solutions. Furthermore, the -d software version allows the user to divide the image even in archived video records.

The other important change dramatically improves the overall performance of the module. Consumption of resources was significantly reduced in the -d version while providing better overall image quality at the same time. TRASSIR Dewarp eliminates the distortion that is inevitable when using wide-angle lenses and provides the ability to PTZ-control each virtual channel separately.

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