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New features in video analytics in TRASSIR 4 based on deep learning neural networks

The new version of TRASSIR 4 carries many important changes aimed at increasing the functionality of professional video surveilliance system software and further expanding its capabilities.

The new release adds the capabilities of video analytics based on neural networks of deep learning to TRASSIR. The new features are implemented in our software as several separate detectors intended for use in various fields.

The innovative video analytics module TRASSIR Human Detector is a multifunctional solution that performs security functions.

TRASSIR Human Detector detects people on video with very high accuracy. The detector generates an alarm and sends out an alert whenever a person enters the specific area. This approach significantly reduces the number of false positives for unauthorized events.

Two other new detectors are designed primarily for use in retail.

TRASSIR Queue Detector is a queue detector that calculates their length. The use of neural networks allows this solution to achieve very high accuracy. Thus giving the most reliable data to the retailers that they can use for further processing and analysis.

TRASSIR Heat Map on Map is a multicam map of the people movement that allows to overlay the data on the plan of the room. This intellectual video analytics allows the retailers to exclude their employees from the statistics based on the color of clothes of the staff members. This is necessary when employees move a lot in the client area and introduce distortions into the statistics.The solution allows you to build so-called heat map on the floor plan.

There are 3 types of Heat Map on Map:

1. Static "Heat Map on Map" version - highlights the places at the point of sale where people stay the longest are highlighted in red.
2. Movement map version of "Heat Map on Map" - clearly shows where the traffic on the territory of the store is more intense.

3. Track map version of "Heat Map on Map" - reflects the direction of visitors movement and their relative number (which is shown by highlighting the areas on the map by different shades of color).

TRASSIR Queue Detectors and TRASSIR Heat Map on Map are similar to the offline metrics for retail. The collected data can be measured by the modules of business video analytics in TRASSIR.

For example, online tools such as Google Analytics used for analyzing website traffichave existed for a long time. TRASSIR Queue Detector and TRASSIR Heat Map on Map allow you to measure metrics that directly affect the traffic and conversions in offline business.

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