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TRASSIR provides security at Balli Supermarket chain in Azerbaijan

TRASSIR video surveillance system is installed at Balli Supermarket chain of stores in Azerbaijan. Professional VMS TRASSIR along with ActivePOS cash control smart video analytics helps the retailer to ensure safety and reduce losses at the cash desks.

All works related to the selection and installation of the equipment for video surveillance were performed by “V&A Technologies” company.

Professional VMS TRASSIR controls 150 IP-cameras and 10 TRASSIR servers providing video surveillance in 10 supermarket chain stores with a total area of 1800m2.

Below is the excerpt from the letter of thanks that comes from the owner of the supermarket chain, Elman Asadov:

“Project objectives are fully achieved. A symbiosis of intelligent solutions controls everything that happens in hypermarkets in 24/7 mode. TRASSIR ActivePOS has revealed violations of cash discipline by employees, prevented attempts of the theft by the customers during the period of its work in the points of sales. Installing the professional video surveillance system helps to resolve conflict situations. It is really a psychological barrier to the commission of crimes.

TRASSIR provides centralized monitoring of the entire supermarket chain, long-lasting and reliable video storage as well as easy and hassle-free system management. We have the opportunity to easily scale and use a wider functionality in the future with intelligent video analytics for business plug-in modules and other solutions for analytics.”

We wish the successful growth of retail business for Balli Supermarket while TRASSIR will continue to ensure security and provide business analytics using our intelligent CCTV solutions.

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