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New version of TRASSIR 4.0 Professional VMS

New version of TRASSIR 4.0 Professional VMS (4.0.126932-33)
A new version of the TRASSIR 4.0 software containing a lot of important changes has been released!

We are proud to announce that the Professional TRASSIR VMS software has been -d to version 4.0.126933.
The new release fixes bugs and improves features that are already familiar to our users.

The most important thing is that brand new TRASSIR release comes with new video analytics features based on neural networks and deep learning technologies as well as the new ArUco markers detector.
New TRASSIR features:

* TRASSIR Human Detector is a neural network people detector.
* TRASSIR Queue Detector is a neural network detector of queues.
* TRASSIR Heat Map on Map is a multicam map of people movement based on a neural network detector of people that allows to overlay the data on the plan of the room.
* TRASSIR ArUco Detector is a detector that recognizes the ArUco markers.

The new version of TRASSIR 4 also contains some useful changes aimed at improving the convenience of our users. In particular, the logic of licensing of TRASSIR Face Recognition module has been changed. Now the purchase of licenses by channels has become simpler and more profitable: the solution includes TRASSIR Face Search and TRASSIR Face Detector video analytics and unlimited database of persons.

TRASSIR 4 has a new TRASSIR Auto Detector. This new type of video analytics will be extremely useful when used for accounting purposes for warehouses and production.

The TRASSIR Dewarp module for FishEye cameras has been significantly reworked. One of the most serious changes is support for the development of video cameras in the archive and support for performing Dewarp functions on any cameras with significantly reduced resource consumption.

In addition, support for new AAC audio codecs for TRASSIR and ActiveCam video cameras has been added to TRASSIR software.

Get the latest release of TRASSIR 4.0 professional VMS from our web-site!

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