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New TRASSIR PoE network switches with Hi-PoE and power supply for a distance of up to 250m

As a part of expanding the range of our network equipment, the new line of TRASSIR network switсhes has been extended with two new devices: 16-port and 24-port managed PoE switches with data and power transmission range up to 250m and Hi-PoE support.

TRASSIR network switсhes lineup is expanded with two brand new models:

TR-NS2218-240-16PoE is a 16-port managed switch;
TR-NS2226-360-24PoE is a 24-port managed switch.

When we are talking about a 16-port device here, it's really fully-fledged 16-port network switсh. Meaning that it is equipped with PoE ports: you can connect up to 16 cameras to the switch and transmit power supply to them via twisted pair. And if we're talking about a 16-port device, it's really 16-port, that is we're talking about PoE ports: you can connect 16 cameras to the switch and feed them on a twisted pair.

The first and second ports of the switches support Hi-PoE and supply the power of up to 60 watts to the device as part of the overall PoE budget. Such approach gives the possibility of connecting high-speed PTZ dome cameras with motorized lenses as well as cameras with heaters and intense IR-illumination and even cameras using laser illumination. Usually, the system needs just one such model in order for all the connected equipment to operate correctly. Both our new network switсh models provide two Hi-PoE ports that can be used for any exceptional cases.

In addition, TR-NS2218-240-16PoE and TR-NS2226-360-24PoE have several Uplink ports: two 10/100/1000 Mbit/s and two 1000 Mbit/s (including cascading switches, when all devices connected to the video surveillance system require 96 ports or more).

Due to the fact that the new models are managed network switches, they provide a web-based interface. It comes with user-friendly UI and allows for flexible configuration of the device, viewing of the network statistics and rebooting of the on-board PoE ports.

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