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New TRASSIR network video recorders: MiniNVR Compact series

Expanding the TRASSIR MiniNVR lineup: network video recorders from the new MiniNVR Compact series go on sale! The new models have full functionality of rack-mounted NVRs.

We have extended TRASSIR MiniNVR lineup introducing new Compact series of miniNVRs: TRASSIR MiniNVR Compact AnyIP 4, TRASSIR MiniNVR Compact AnyIP 9, TRASSIR MiniNVR Compact AnyIP 16 and TRASSIR MiniNVR Compact AF 16.

The only difference new NVRs have compared to the previous models are housing dimensions and archive size. Differences between each model include number of video channels and support of cameras of third party manufacturers: AF 16 model supports Hikvision, ActiveCam (including ActiveCam Eco/Smart Home and HiWatch) and Wisenet devices, while the other new NVRs support 99% of video surveillance cameras on the market.

The functionality of the new network video recorders is in no way inferior to the MiniNVR series models. NVRs have independent VGA and HDMI video outputs (displaying signal from video cameras on 2 monitors), USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, RJ-45 Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbit/s network port, audio input/output (3.5 mm jack). Video archive can be recorded to one 3.5" HDD (not included). Possible bitrate is up to 256 Mbit/s. Video and display resolution are up to 5MP. NVR is supplied with a keyboard and a mouse.

MiniNVR Compact run TRASSIR OS (based on Linux). That fact provides the following advantages: providing the highest level of security; ergonomic and intuitive single user interface; ability to restore the system to factory settings (Recovery mode); the configuration can be adjusted locally and over the network (via Web or Client); user-configurable responses to events; easy expansion of the functionality by connecting additional video analytics (such intelligent modules as ActiveDome, ActivePOS, People Counter etc.).

MiniNVR Compact supports Multistorе technology that allows to increase the depth of the archive and optimize the use of processor power by simultaneously recording multiple video streams from each source. New NVRs also support quick search in the video archive using ActiveSearch and MultiSearch technologies.

The open architecture of the software allows to build multi-level security systems with support of OPS, ACS, ATMs, etc. Professional TRASSIR VMS software is one of the most functional solutions for video surveillance on the market. It is a unique tool providing quality video analysis.

More details about TRASSIR NVRs including MiniNVR and MiniNVR Compact can be found on our website.



TRASSIR is an international company with offices in China, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. It’s a leading CCTV equipment manufacturer and software developer.

The company was established back in 2002 having more than 16 years of experience in producing high quality CCTV solutions.

Currently the company has more than 500 employees. The main staff consists of highly qualified specialists with extensive background in the field of IT, security systems development and video surveillance.

More than 1500 companies are permanent partners of the company.

TRASSIR has a vast portfolio of international projects. TRASSIR installations can be found in a number of countries in the Middle East and in Europe.

TRASSIR CCTV Ecosystem 5-In-1

Setting the trends in the video surveillance industry, TRASSIR offers its own comprehensive CCTV ecosystem.

It consists of 5 major components:

Professional VMS TRASSIR
Intelligent video analytics modules
TRASSIR cloud video surveillance service

The concept of the TRASSIR video surveillance ecosystem lies in the deep integration of all the products with each other. That allows to achieve the most harmonious and effective work of all system components.

Video Analytics plug-in modules are an important part of the ecosystem and are designed to solve a variety of specialized tasks. All these components can be connected to the cloud and combined with the help of TRASSIR Cloud service into a single video surveillance system.
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