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VMS TRASSIR provides security at the textile factory for the production of carpets in Turkey

TRASSIR video surveillance system is installed at one of the Ba?aran Hal? & Tekstil San carpet factories in Gaziantep. Ensuring safety at work is a top priority. Therefore the company's management has approached the choice of the supplier of CCTV solutions for their factories with great care.

Considering the combination of functionality and technical characteristics the implementation of this important task was entrusted to TRASSIR professional video surveillance system.

Exclusive distributor of TRASSIR produts on the territory of Turkey and Northern Cyprus, PCC Teknoloji company has taken part in the annual international exhibition for safety, security and fire protection Securitex Eurasia 2018 in Ankara. During the expo representatives of Ba?aran Hal? & Tekstil San company addressed with a request for the selection of the necessary solution to ensure safety in their factories. The final decision to sign the contract was made after a "live" demonstration of the TRASSIR video surveillance system at the booth of our representatives at the exhibition.

150 video channels are involved in order to ensure the security of the factory. Dahua IP cameras are used as the source of the signal. While powerful TRASSIR UltraStation server takes care of the processing of such a large amount of incoming information. All this video surveillance equipment for video surveillance is controlled by professional VMS TRASSIR. This professional software allows to combine all the components into a single solution.

Textile industry is an object of increased fire danger due to the large number of flammable substances. Therefore great attention is paid to the prevention of accidents.

This task is solved with the help of video analytics capabilities available in VMS TRASSIR. TRASSIR Smoke detector detects smoke in the room based on image analysis. This intelligent module copes with the task faster than any conventional fire sensors. TRASSIR Smoke implements the concept of "smart video analytics". This smart detector is working ahead of the curve and that helps to prevent the tragedy.

Thus using of TRASSIR professional software for video surveillance was clearly the best solution for the needs of the textile factory.

We are glad to be able to provide the safety to one of the leading Turkish carpet manufacturers and express our sincere gratitude for the choice of our solution!

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