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TRASSIR is installed at the branch of Ministry of Health in Turkey

TRASSIR has been chosen as the video surveillance solution by Ministry of Health in Turkey.

The video equipment and professional TRASSIR software have been installed at one of the branches of Ministry of Health that handles 112 Paramedical Services. It is one of the 25 branches of the organization.

The installation has been fulfilled by PCC Elektronik that has provided TRASSIR professional video surveillance software as the exclusive distributor of TRASSIR products in Turkey.

22 security cameras have been placed in the ambulances. As well in the buildings of the Paramedical Services. At the core of the entire system there are several powerful TRASSIR video servers running TRASSIR OS. They process all the data coming from video surveillance hardware.

As result of installing TRASSIR at the premises the management has been able to provide security and comfort for the staff and the patients. The use of professional TRASSIR VMS has allowed to create centralized video surveillance system that combines video data from both the ambulances and the premises into one system.

Other branches of Ministry of Health are also planning to use TRASSIR solutions in the nearest future.

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