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PROMISE Enhances VessRAID Storage for the SMB Market

iSCSI and NAS Feature Solution in the Same Storage Box

TAIPEI TAIWAN and MILPITAS, CA —PROMISE Technology, a leading supplier of sophisticated RAID storage solutions catering to customers from enterprise to consumer, today announced the roll out of a new functional upgrade for its VessRAID iSCSI series of storage subsystems, offering combined iSCSI and NAS features in the same storage box. Customers can refresh the controller firmware of their existing systems that run pure iSCSI protocol to activate the additional NAS features. This enables customers to exercise both file and block-based data transfer over the standard computer network which greatly increases storage flexibility and usability across a multitude of network applications. This new enhancement in the coming 3rd Service Release on VessRAID 1000i series will be globally available for download late this month. Users can - the firmware through the web-based user interface WebPAM PROe or by simply using a USB stick and following the OPAS - guide to complete the task.

“By offering a more reliable and flexible way to enable data archiving, data retention, and data protection we’re preparing the VessRAID product line and the company to progress to the next levelof technology innovation and responsiveness to market demands.. Our strategy of ensuring business-critical data is securely protected at all times has always been and will continue to be our priority. No company wants access outages or to expose itself to the risk of data discontinuity and our newly enhanced VessRAID feature helps protect against that type of event,” said James Lee, President and CEO, PROMISE Technology. “Not only are we delivering great functional improvements with this upgrade, we are also providing this to our customers at no cost, no matter which existing or future PROMISE VessRAID products they have.”

In a typical IP SAN deployment, accessing the file system and data backed-up into the storage requires host server connection, and the user has no data access without administrative setup on the host side. The advantage of IP SAN helps IT managers control and manage their distributed storage resource in a centralized manner and gains high interoperability with in-place network facilities and applications. NAS on the other hand demonstrates a different nature of file sharing; users have instant data access on the storage to perform desired read or write actions to their files at all levels. This largely increases data operational convenience which makes the data storage available to the user via the network.

In addition to the new NAS enablement, the SR3 also comes with additional feature upgrades:

- Data backup services like remote data sync and online volume copy which allow customers to exercise a box-to-box copy or perform disk volume copy from the clients to VessRAID unit.
- NAS Fusion features compatible data roaming from one storage subsystem to the other, making drive management easy for administrators to consolidate varied sources of disk drives into one box and resolve configuration conflicts from foreign arrays.
- NTP addresses better troubleshooting process over interconnecting network devices by providing unanimous time table to do later event checking and background activities identification.
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