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Galaxy Intrusion Panel fully integrated in AEOS from Nedap

The Galaxy 520 intrusion panel from Honeywell is now fully integrated with AEOS - the open security management platform of Nedap. Thanks to this integration, you can make optimum use of previously made investments. AEOS enables you to easily add access control and video management functionality to your Galaxy intrusion detection system.

As the functionalities of the Galaxy intrusion panel are now fully integrated in the web-based graphic alarm handler of AEOS, they can be armed and disarmed remotely. Alarms can also be fully processed in AEOS, and you can link video images to them. This considerably reduces the number of unnecessary alarms. Thanks to the central storage, all the data are accessible in a single database.

Highlights of the integration with the Galaxy 520:

? Put an end to false alarms and reduce the consequences of distractions while arming or disarming the intrusion detection system. During the process, all doors are blocked so unauthorised persons can never enter the area and trigger the system.
? Alarms triggered by the connected sensors are handled more quickly and thoroughly thanks to the fully web-based AEOS graphical alarm handler. Alarms are processed completely and logged in AEOS.
? Video images are displayed live within AEOS video management and recorded during the activation and deactivation of the intrusion detection system. It immediately provides you the relevant video image when an alarm is triggered.
? In AEOS, it is possible to follow the route of the security guard and the arming and disarming of intrusion detection systems (AEOS Guard Tour). This provides you with continuous monitoring of the situation.

For more information on how you can benefit from the Galaxy integration within AEOS security management please contact us. Or take a look at our website
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