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PanoCam360 races with Wavestore for Greaves Motorsport at Le Mans

AMG, the British manufacturer of sophisticated 5 Megapixel cameras and CCTV transmission solutions, has supplied their acclaimed PanoCam360 cameras for Wavestore’s True 360 video recording and management solution commissioned by Greaves Motorsport. Graves Motorsport believes that the solution can become part of their winning team at the 2013 Le Mans 24 Hours.

Chris Williams, Director of Director of Wavestore, says, “We have installed AMG-Panogenics’ 360 degree panoramic cameras as part of our Wavestore True 360 solution in the Greaves Motorsport’s pit area to allow the company’s senior operations and technical personnel to analyse the team’s performance when its cars stop for refuelling, tyre changes or repairs. The video captured by the 360-degree cameras will be recorded and stored on a Wavestore recording system, which will allow the extraction of individual video clips showing activity during each pit stop. This is an excellent example of two market leading technology providers working in harmony to provide a highly effective video monitoring and recording solution. With the support of our technology partners, AMG-Panogenics, we are delighted to have been able to provide the Greaves Motorsport team with a highly effective method of monitoring activity in the Le Mans 24 Hours pit area.”

David J Myers, Technology Director of AMG Group, comments, “The use of 360 degree technology can significantly reduce the number of cameras needed to monitor an area without any blind spots. The ability to create a unique video clip of a moving object, an individual or a group of people is one of the most powerful features provided by Wavestore’s 360 recording and de-warping capability. Operators can view de-warped images created from the recorded images and control a ‘virtual’ PTZ function to track activity and save video clips of an unlimited number of individual events captured in the camera’s entire field of view.”

The Wavestore True 360 solution was put through its paces at the Official Le Mans Test day on Monday 17th June and will be in operation during the whole of the 24 hour race which starts at 15.00 CET on Saturday 22nd June.

Greaves Motorsport and their new partner, Caterham Motorsport, recently revealed their new livery for the #41 Nissan-powered Zytek LM P2 prototype. The car is now in the Caterham Motorsport corporate colours of green and yellow, reflecting the extent of the new partnership with Caterham Technology.

“We have the team, the car and the drivers to succeed and we know what it takes to win in Le Mans,” says Team Manager Jacob Greaves. “We are looking forward to the next few weeks in France and to taking full advantage of the innovative features incorporated into the Wavestore solution, which I am confident will help us in our endeavours to perform to our full potential.”
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