IR Cameras Developing in China

IR technology brings the most powerful night vision functions to security surveillance. Chinese camera manufacturers are using array LED illuminators, dual-CCD sensors and low illumination CCD technologies to provide a clear video display at night. The resolution is improved, and the surveillance distance is also increased by many new IR cameras. A&S collected several of the newest products from key Chinese players in CCTV industry.

Cameras are standard surveillance products, used as front-end video collecting devices. As requirements for night monitoring has increased, Chinese players have worked hard to develop shields. Chinese vendors developed the IR filter for users to have night surveillance. Since Chinese manufacturers developed the LED IR illuminator, the traditional IR filter only offered narrow performance. The LED IR illuminator helped the sensor collect clearer images, which means higher resolution video. The quality of an IR all-in-one camera depends on the LED illuminator and sensor. It will directly affect the effective night surveillance distance and quality of image, along with avoiding red-eye exposure.

New Developments

Along with IR secondary development becoming more mature, Chinese manufacturers have some new developments for IR cameras. Some remarkable changes are the array LED light design and dual-CCD applications. The AC-680 series IR cameras from JXJ apply array LED lights, which provide stronger IR rays to increase the surveillance distance. Usually, professional IR cameras use active infrared technology. The array LED illuminator has four advantages, such as higher industrial standards and reliability, a metal cover for more effective heat dissipation, an array design with lower costs and a single illuminant focus on particular object. One LED has 5-15 Mw and another LED array has 1,000 Mw, which means one LED array equals to hundreds times of one single LED light bulb. The LED only provides the visual effect, but the LED array allows users to identify objects. It also takes up less space than traditional LED designs. Finally, the effective visual angle of an LED array could be 10 to 120 degrees, wider than the traditional LED illuminator layout with only 7 to 10 degrees. The LED array is the only illuminant with dome radiation.

The dual CCD technology is hot, with many Chinese producers launching dual CCD day/night cameras on the market. This technology applies two CCD sensors to record different video inputs. One color CCD with a normal filter works in the daytime, solving the color crossing problem from a traditional CCD plus an IR filter during the daytime. At night, a black and white CCD offers better sensitivity to light and illumination than color CCD sensors. The camera has better performance than traditional single CCD IR cameras.

The HTS VC-IR933 is a dual CCD weatherproof IR camera, for use in day and night environments. It has a compact design and reliable system. Yes-PA-99 is an IR night vision camera with two CCDs that can automatically and intelligently shift from daytime mode to night vision mode. The color CCD is from Sony, with a DSP and high resolution of 480 TV lines. The black and white CCD is also from Sony, with low illumination ability and a high resolution of 600 TV lines.

Useful Features

The major function of an IR camera is to monitor images at night. Chinese manufacturers needed to develop more special features to make their products more advanced than other manufacturers. Integrated with alarm and IP features, they offer better performance for users, such as easy installation, an attractive appearance, better waterproofing and lower illumination requirements.

The DV- IR9070CWH uses the fifth-generation Sharp CCD as its sensor, offering 520 TV line resolution with only 0.1 lux illumination and lower power consumption, which uses half of the Sony CCD's power. For outdoor use, it also is waterproof. The pan and tilt function allows the camera to cover wider areas. The design of the cables through the bracket avoids camera damage from the cable.

The VC-IR933 has the advantages of easy installation and maintenance, a sophisticated appearance and simple operation. The 20-piece large LED array plus the 24-piece small LED array provide an effective radiation distance of 80 to 120 meters.

Another dual CCD IR camera is Yes-PA-99, which can operate under zero-lux illumination. The simple but practical design makes the camera attractive. Its metal shell is IP 66 certified, which allows the equipment to operate in outdoor environments.

All-in-one IR cameras have long been important exports for Chinese security manufacturers. Many manufacturers are launching the infrared cameras for special conditions. Users do not need to consider sophisticated technical parameters but can just select the applicable products for infrared technology. On the other hand, Chinese players are developing more detailed functions to differentiate their products.

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