Telemmersion Camera System

IMC's Telemmersion is a compact, lightweight, unified camera system that generates synchronized high-resolution video streams, representing a full-motion spherical world complete with directional sound that can be experienced live or recorded. IMC's patented approach covers image capture, display and distribution. The camera head is one unified camera system made up of 11 lenses and sensors configured according to a dodecahedron. With IMC's Telemmersion Camera System, full environments can be recorded and transmitted at a resolution of 2,400 pixels by 1,200 pixels per frame at speeds of 30 frames per second. The camera head offers 11 video streams to achieve maximum resolution using over 100 million pixels per second. It reviews and edits immersive images easily, while offering long recording times with up to 3 hours of full motion at a time on hot-swappable hard disks. Recording modes provide time-lapse recording and playback and the camera also has a special low-light mode. The camera head is lights than 2.5 pounds, and less than 9 inches tall.

 Eleven CCD 1/3-inch sensors in a modular dodecahedral array
 Unified timing and control with customized image enhancement
 Full-array field view: 360 horizontal, 290 vertical (91.7 percent of sphere).
 Each lens works with standard filters and lens hoods
 Horizontal resolution per channel of more than 450 TV lines
 Active picture elements per channel of 640 by 480 square pixels
TX Immersiver Limited

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