Ganz New Digital Video Recorder DVR Combines PC Useability With DVR Reliability

Ganz has launched an new digital video recorder. The GANZ ZR-DHC1630NP 16-channel PC-based MPEG4 real-time recording and display DVR combines the useability of a PC with the reliability of a traditional DVR.

The unitˇs advanced functionality includes the ability to search for motion events retrospectively. In practice, this means that, for example, if something is stolen then the area involved can be highlighted and the system will then search for relevant motion in that area.

Meanwhile, for retail applications the DVR can also add a test data stream to a point-of-sale till system, allowing the till data to be synchronised with the video. Thus, the DVR can search for a particular till transaction and helpfully display this with the associated video footage.

In operation, the ZR-DHC1630NP can be viewed and controlled either by a web browser or, for extended functions, via free Ganz management software. Access to the unit can be controlled by use of a password. Video back-up is easily achieved in either JPEG or Bitmap format for still images, or using AVI or SFX in original DVR format.

The new model has four operating modes, the first being client server (DVR server) settings and programming. The second mode is called Watch view, which allows any cameras from any DVR to be seen in full screen or multi-screen from quad up to a 64-way split. Meanwhile, playback mode allows playback via the client software from any DVR.

Finally, mapping mode allows maps to be set up of the site showing operators the exact position of cameras, DVRs and alarms for clear and easy control when moving from camera to camera. Live video can also be seen in this mode, making the tracking of objects and people much easier. 

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Digital Video Recording
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