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6 major requirements of parking lot solutions customers

6 major requirements of parking lot solutions customers
Mall and shopping centers require parking lots that offer convenience and safety to their customers. But this is just the tip of the iceberg when considering customer requirements.
Mall and shopping centers require parking lots that offer convenience and safety to their customers. But this is just the tip of the iceberg when considering customer requirements. When providing such a solution, systems integrators (SI) should know the specific demands of end-users to be able to provide a hassle-free solution.

1. Ease of finding parking space

People arriving at malls should be able to know the number of vacant parking spots available and their location even before entering the premises. There are several ways in which solution providers deal with this. Sensors placed at parking spaces inform the system on the status of the space. Signage boards placed outside of parking lots can display the information gathered from these sensors.

Alternatively, some systems may also provide mobile-based services wherein drivers can send a message to the system to get an update on vacant spots. There are also app-based solutions that can inform drivers about where they can park their vehicles.

2. Security

Surveillance systems are necessary to ensure the security of cars parked. Apart from providing evidence for forensic purposes, applications like a license plate recognition system can help to identify cars that warrant special service, like those of VIP customers.

Analytical solutions may also come in handy in detecting intruders and providing instant alerts to security personnel. Several major global security vendors have dedicated parking lot management solutions that include cameras equipped with LPR integrated into the access control system.
Camera: The Heart and Soul in License Plate Recognition

3. Cost-effectiveness

According to Arvind Mayar, CEO of Secure Parking Solutions, many customers are concerned about the initial investment for a solution. While high costs can deter many end-users, systems integrators and solutions providers should be able to convince customers of the long term financial benefits that increased operational efficiency would bring.

4. Multiple payment options

Customers should be given the option to pay in their preferred mode. This could be a card, cash, or mobile payment systems like Apple Pay. This could speed up entry and minimize the chances of long queues forming.

The parking management software should be easy to configure and set up and should be able to calculate the duration of parking and the cost. In the case of cars that have management-issued passes, the system should be able to exclude them from payment.

5. Integration and retrofitting

Solutions that can be integrated with existing systems are necessary for older buildings. Considering that there are already several malls in many developed countries, systems integrators will often have to work within certain constraints.

6. Analytics

Analytics solutions provide deeper insights into the behavior of customers, allowing management to improve the customer experience and optimize operations. These solutions can also provide information on the status of machines and if they require any maintenance. Reports can be automated and scheduled to be sent by email at regular intervals.

In short, the requirements of the customers in the field are a mix of solutions that would improve safety and business operations. For SIs, knowing the right hardware and software to put in place, integrating them with existing systems, and ensuring their seamless operations is what matters most.
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