Kastle Systems secures Copart’s property with Remote Video Monitoring

Kastle Systems secures Copart’s property with Remote Video Monitoring

The challenge 

Copart utilized a guard service and an electric fence to secure a 27-acre outdoor lot near Tampa, Florida. Faced with frequent theft and other incidents, Corporate Security Manager Michael Ramirez knew there had to be a better method to provide stronger security. After researching the newest and latest technology options, Ramirez chose Remote Video Monitoring from Kastle Systems to curb these losses.

The approach 

Kastle Systems surveyed the Copart property and worked to understand both their challenges and needs. The solution was customized in order to enforce Copart’s own security policies, such as disallowing loitering on the lot after hours. In addition, the two companies set procedures for enforcement, should these policies be violated. An outdoor setting, with its varying environmental conditions, requires exact calibration to ensure proper detection and Kastle Systems worked to extensively test the optimal solution for the area.

The solution 

To provide effective coverage for such a large area, Kastle installed towers on the Copart property. Each tower is equipped with video cameras loaded with smart analytics. These analytics work to enforce the security policies set by Copart. When a breach is detected, the analytics instantly alert an operator at the Kastle Operations Center who then follows procedures established by the two companies. If necessary, the operator can directly challenge a suspect through loudspeakers, which are also mounted on the towers. Finally, when incidents do occur, Michael Ramirez and his team can remotely access video footage in real-time. “This is a great security tool,” says Ramirez. “I know immediately what is going on at my facility, instead of finding out after the fact.”

The response 

Using Kastle System’s Remote Video Monitoring solution has allowed Copart to realize immediate savings with a staggering 75% reduction in security costs. Undoubtedly though, most beneficial has been the increase in security. Since implementation, Copart has not experienced any security incidents or theft. Not only are the cameras able to catch incidents immediately, but Copart feels they act as a crime deterrent as well. “Kastle’s solution does everything they told me it could do and more,” states Ramirez. “With these results, it only makes sense to install the system in our other locations.”

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