3S Vision equips security camera at Capital Medical University of Beijing

3S Vision equips security camera at Capital Medical University of Beijing


Capital Medical School has been around for 70 years, is located in Chinese mainland in Beijing. It is one of the key universities in Beijing, "excellent physician education and training program," the pilot universities.


Due to early school establishment of security surveillance control system, the continuous expansion of campus and the number of students increases, the system of regional integration issues have become increasingly difficult.

At Capital Medical University, full-time students up to more than 10,000, schools and affiliated hospitals with a total construction area of 2.24 million square meters, fixed assets worth 6.01 billion yuan, scientific research equipment worth 2.88 billion yuan teaching equipment, library books includes about 1,555,000.

Tens of thousands of students study here every day, the majority of campuses, equipment precious assets, therefore, the security issue has become the primary focus.


3S provides a complete solution MEDICAL capital to help them more efficient will the old security surveillance cameras HD surveillance cameras in combination with 3S, complete video images around the clock access to the decoder, but can also make the picture from D1, resolution, megapixel upgrade to make more than tens of thousands of teachers and students have a safe learning environment.

This system is used to mainly monitor the project in the main channel of Capital Medical University, entrances, school buildings, canteens, dormitories, etc. For the channel inlet and outlet sections and outdoor, N5011 high speed dome camera were installed to improve the monitoring range, due to the high rate of high-definition cameras and speed of each sec 450 ° can quickly monitor, 3S high-definition network IR bolt, the hemisphere, elevators and other special cameras, high-definition signal acquisition directly to solve the problem of nighttime light and personnel damage.

The security company set up in key areas using 3S high quality camera and recording solutions, in order to achieve sound image synchronization monitoring; another part of the access control system combines more to improve the safety of personnel access.

Section 206 front-end digital signal and the original 200 CCTV Establishment and functioning of the newly established campus network security monitoring system in conjunction with the master control room through the digital signal and image server 3S decoder encoded by the school is the only Beijing Area high-definition camera, not only to improve management efficiency, it also effectively ensure the safety of teachers and students on campus to construct a complete effective sustainable development campus environment.

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