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About Security 50

2012 a&s Security 50

"Security 50" is a group of 50 security manufacturers ranked by a&s International, flagship magazine by MFNE, based on product and system sales. Every year, 50 companies with stellar sales revenue from the previous fiscal year ( for a fair comparison on a global scale, no distribution / integration / support / services revenue ) are listed as prime manufacturers of the year. These industry leaders beat the market and world economy by addressing core solution needs and delivering extra value to their customers, while continuing to invest in their R&D and people even in down times. What the 50 did/are doing is highly regarded by the entire industry and decision makers worldwide.

Strategic Insight

From a more micro level, Security 50 is an indispensable reference for making strategic and sustainable plans. The financial crisis shrunk the market for security in the past three years, and manufacturers were challenged with even more intense competition. Under the circumstances, established companies were forced to examine their processes to trim fat and increase efficiency. The 50 provide key insight for decision makers to combat downturns and adversities and motivate all involved to keep improving, innovating and investing.

Trendsetting and Networking

Through the annual ranking, new perspectives and helpful advice are provided. From the macro side of things, Security 50 brings together professionals in video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection and multiple product segments. It provides crucial intel for management teams to act on trends, seek new partners, acquire compatible companies or even move into uncharted territories. Decision makers in purchasing also look to the ranking for credible and responsible solution providers.

Facilitating Industry Development

Strong sales and margins are achieved by security players who listen carefully to their customers and deliver solutions tailored to their needs and concerns. The growth potential has also attracted a number of new IT/IP players into the physical security space. Security 50 gathers their insight as well, for how to collaborate in terms of technology, service and sales channel and leap forward. It is an invaluable resource for the security industry, as well as other industries, to connect, consolidate and continue the compound growth.

Reshaping the Picture of Security

MFNE is also the first in the industry to provide global editorial coverage and marketing campaigns for these leading players, via 15 print publications in multiple languages, websites in English and Chinese, and even new media and social networks. At Secutech 2012 where global security professionals meet in Asia, we honor these top 50 companies and their importance in and contribution to the industry, through the awareness-raising Security 50 Summit and Award Ceremony. Now, we are proud to present the Security 50 and look forward to seeing more companies to join the event and ranking ( submissions of financial reports ), for a better industry and safer world.


Electronic security equipment and system providers, including video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection and multiple product segments.
Security companies or pure manufacturers with their own products, brands or solutions on a global scale, either publicly listed or privately owned.
Ability to provide FY 2010 and FY 2011 financial statements, audited / endorsed by a certified accountant or accounting firm.
Distributors, systems integrators, resellers, dealers, installers, guard service providers, information security and fire safety companies or related revenues were excluded, for labor and service costs vary greatly from country to country.
a&s bears no responsibility for the financial information provided by any individual company. For a fair comparison and ranking, non-US currencies were converted using midmarket exchange rates from on July 22, 2012. This is an unbiased list based on the willingness of participants to share their sales and profit performance.