Dahua 2-wire apartment video intercom system

Source: Dahua Technology | Date: 2017/3/10

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Dahua 2-wire apartment video intercom system
As modern society rapidly develops, residents are looking for more advanced features in their intercom systems. However, old apartment buildings often do not have data network wiring in place to install IP-based intercom system. The cost associated with rewiring has become a barrier in many intercom system upgrade projects. Dahua Technology's 2-Wire Apartment Video Intercom System provides a cost-effective, fast, simple and convenient way to upgrade analog intercom systems.

2-Wire Apartment Intercom System:


  • Simple wiring 
The VTNS1006A-2 switch and the VTH5222CH indoor unit use a two-wire interface. The switch is connected to the indoor unit using any two wires, which is used for signal transmission and power. There is no polarity and the switch has a network interface to connect with external networks and communicate with regular IP devices. The maximum supported distance between the switch and the device is 100 meters, while the maximum supported distance between switches is 30 meters.
  • The 2-wire apartment system retains Dahua’s regular IP apartment system functions and satisfies the requirements of large apartments
With the VTO1210C-X large apartment outdoor station, each unit can support a maximum of 20 outdoor stations and 1000 indoor monitors. Each switch can support a maximum of six indoor monitors and only two series connections are needed between switches. The maximum number of switch connections is 30 and can satisfy the requirements for high rise apartments.
  • Calls can be answered anywhere in the household
Each household can install a maximum of five VTH5222CH indoor monitors which can be used for group calls, and calls can be answered anywhere within the household; within the household, users may communicate with each other through the indoor monitors.
  • Indoor monitors can monitor IPC in real-time, and connect with wired alarm and detection devices to implement 24 hours protection using Smart PSS management
  • SmartPSS is software that can be downloaded from the official website. It is convenient and facilitates smart management of entire areas.

IP small apartment modular outdoor station

Modular design:

The VTO2000A-X small apartment outdoor station series uses a modular design. The front panels and the VTO2000A-C camera module can be used in combination with different modules to form a system of 2, 3, or 9 modules to suit different needs. The installation box can be either flush-mounted or surface mounted to suit different installation requirements. The system supports a maximum of 25 households, 10,000 IC cards, and 3000 fingerprints. Modules are simply connected in series, which is easy and convenient.

Mobile function:

Many residents want to have the option to talk to the visitor even when nobody is home. The 2-wire apartment system can be used to meet this requirement: accepting visitor call through the intercom system and remotely unlocking the door after ID confirmation. In addition, it can also initiate real-time surveillance, capture screen shots, record video, receive alarm information remotely, and monitor the house in real-time to give you a peace of mind while you are away.

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