Dahua Megapixel solution secures ancient cathedra in Italy, Sicily

Source: Dahua | Date: 2014/6/13 下午 04:00:00

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Dahua Megapixel solution secures ancient cathedra in Italy, Sicily

Walking on the street of Italy is like being in a movie for many people; it is no surprise to find buildings around the corner could be of several thousand years, and according to UNESCO, in one single country, Italy is the country with the most heritage sites around the world.

The Island Sicily, off the south of the country, owns a great part of historical monuments, and among them, Duomo di Monreale Cathedra is exactly the one you shall never miss. Famed for its glorious golden mosaics, Duomo di Monreale Cathedra was built in the 12th century as part of a grand royal complex, perfectly fuses Byzantine, Arab and Norman styles. Both its exterior and interior decoration, including its bricks, mosaics, and bronze doors are all demonstrating the magnificence through the river of times. For such a treasure, it is of great importance to be protected with advanced technology in an intangible way, and in this very special case Dahua and its megapixel solution were selected, and the project is successfully accomplished in cooperation with Videotrend s.r.l, Dahua's local distributor.

While thinking about the solution scheme, the top priority in mind is to keep everything as it is and the IP technology is undoubtedly the idea way to go as it allows minimum cabling and thus is less invasive, ensuring the intactness of the delicate and subtle decor and surroundings of the cathedra; Moreover, due to the dim lighting inside, camera's low illumination performance has to be really good. As a resolution to the above, 8 units of Dahua 1.3-Mp IR dome cameras are adopted, and the video streams are processed through a PoE switch to a 16-channel network video recorder NVR, where images are stored in HD quality 720p, with bandwidth in recording up to 32 Mb/s at 200fps.

As for the exterior, Dahua 1.3Mp mini IR-bullet camera is installed for its unnoticed existence and advanced night vision effect. Additionally, as requested by the client, the system runs Dahua PSS, a central management system to view images both locally and remotely via ADSL/3G connections. Moreover, the system as a whole is cascaded to its upper platforms of Monreale Archdiocese, and the data is able to be transmitted to other public as well as private organizations for better promoting Sicilian culture and tourism.

“It means a lot for us to be involved in this project as Duomo di Monreale Cathedra is not only the landmark, but also a spiritual symbol in Sicily,” said Pasquale Totaro, President of Videotrend S.r.l. “Given its historical value, we took it very cautiously about the plan and installation, now the cathedra is secured with modern technology without any hideous damage, and the feedback is quite good.”

“It is great to know that our products can bring benefits to this fantastic architecture thanks to our good partner videotrend and the local installer Decibel,” said Elmer Zhang, Sales Director of Europe of Dahua Technology. “We are very happy that our brand has such a positive acceptance in Italy, and actually, with Videotrend together, we have already accomplished many great cases, such as F1 sportspark and Pescara harbor. I am confident to say that with our continuous joint effort and exciting new products to launch, Dahua will definitely continue to secure this beautiful country with its growing power.”

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