Quick Guide to Security Management Software and Platforms

IP-based security solutions have evolved and matured. As hardware becomes commoditized and features or performance differences among different solution providers or brands diminish, people start to look to and focus more on software functionality, compatibility, integratability and usability. Luckily, there are solution providers out there that have made the lives of system integrators and end users much easier, streamlining vendor-agnostic purchasing decisions or eliminating compatibility tests. asmag has put together this special feature, gathering such security management software platforms, preconfigured hardware/software appliances and cloud-based service offerings, for your easy reference.

Troubleshooting management software setup issues
Troubleshooting management software setup issues

Configuring management software, such as video management and physical security information management, requires customization and time. Alf Chang, Senior Consultant for a&s magazines and a former installer, identifies common pain points during software installation.
As large projects with multiple sites increase, the demands they put on security software increase as well. Related video management software (VMS) and physical security information management (PSIM) become more complex...

Open-Platform Software
VMS 2.0
Preconfigured Appliances