HD-SDI Coming of Age

HD-SDI has come a long way in security. Prices for chipsets, storage components and finished products are dropping, and adoption is steadily on the rise, particularly for the 4CH to 32CH market segments that require HD video and easy to install/operate systems. In collaboration with Secutech, the world’s largest trade show for security components, products and systems with a dedicated HD surveillance area, asmag has put together this quick guide for your perusal and consideration.

Security Rings Up Sales for Retailers
Demystifying HD-SDI

IP-based video surveillance systems have been improving rapidly over the past few years, and there are fairly complete and sophisticated solutions out there, along with numerous product lines to choose from. But it was not always so.

High prices, few selections, lack of options… Sound familiar? HD-SDI is still maturing, just as network cameras began to gain awareness back in 2002.

Analog Inheritance Besides a selected few subcontracted installations in China and Korea, HD-SDI currently does not have any .....