Top 6 must-see NVRs at Secutech 2014

In the Secutech Excellence Award earlier in 2014, 6 NVRs coming from EVERFOCUS, GKB, HIKVISION, QNAP, SEENERGY, and SYNOLOGY, are awarded as the Top 6 must-see NVRs at Secutech 2014, standing out from a total of 15 NVRs from the manufacturers worldwide. Despite that manufacturers showed a solid confidence on PC-based devices in the Award in 2013, most of the manufacturers in the NVR Award in 2014 are clearly in favor of Linux-embedded and standalone devices. As total channel number is no longer end users' major concern, NVR providers start to focus on functionalities of the products, offering user-friendly experience and convenient cloud storage service. However, it is worth noting that maintaining highly stable integration of IP cameras and NVRs is still the main challenge for the providers to overcome.
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