Manufacture & Logistics Security

Professor Hermann Simon first coined the term “hidden champions” in the 1990s, to describe SMB/Es that produce inconspicuous products but are ranked top in the world in their niche markets. Often, but not always, they contribute significantly to the current economy of their countries, and are more successful than the average. With the world’s major economies pushing to move manufacturing home in recent years, demand for related security and automation systems is at an all-time high. asmag has put together this special feature to help you help your clients in the manufacturing and industrial sectors have a smoother transition back home.

Security Rings Up Sales for Retailers
Industrial security optimizes business flow

Thanks to the development of integrated security, large industrial sites are not only secured but automated for a tailored business process.

Axis Prevents Volkswagen Production Delays
Shanghai -Volkswagen has manufactured the Passat automobile since May 2000 at a factory in Anting, about 50 kilometers from Shanghai. The company implemented a control system for production, which connected to computing systems supplied by ICS Industrielle Automatisierungssysteme in Germany. The control system allows Volkswagen to ...

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