Being able to effectively manage security systems at various locations
is one of the most prominent tasks for the users in the multisite environments and large-scale locations such as hotel,
enterprise premises, campus, retail, just to name a few.
As we all know, choosing the right set of surveillance system for your environment is crucial;
however, deploying the right management platform will decisively change users’ experience
and effectiveness in deploying security systems.

In general, management platform should be making the users’ daily operation easier,
while they have to deal with different occasions and urgent events rapidly.
The management platform is expected to be user-friendly in terms of event management, device management,
and user’s interface. More often, overall speaking, the users expect the management platform to be intuitive for operation.

Another major challenge seen in the management platform deployment
is when systems upgrades and extension are required.
The management platform has to be scalable and being able to easily and seamlessly integrate existing and new systems.
In this feature, will present several the most recent and popular management platform systems.



  • Support 4K/5M/3M/2M IP camera
  • Support 1080P at 60/120 FPS camera
  • Onvif Profile S compliant

“LILIN Navigator is a future-proof and scalable VMS video management platform and can be used for different environments, from shopping mall to airport, and many other applications. Through LILIN SDK, LILIN Navigator can be integrated with other software such as access control system, parking management and IVS features,”

- Sean Su, Field Application Engineer at LILIN.




  • Responsive event management
  • Centralized device management
  • Versatile monitoring layout

“QNAP VSM-2000 is ideal to be deployed in both single-site and multiple-site projects, such as shopping mall, education, factory, and banking sectors. VSM-2000 features
easy network application, failover management, and flexible and detailed user authorization configuration, catering to wide range of account management application,”

- Angela Liu, Product Manager of Surveillance Business Division at QNAP.



Cloud Central
Management System

  • Able to Function under Low Bandwidth
  • Supports 8 Video Streams
  • True Plug & Play

“GKB Cloud CMS is simple, fast and easy in every aspect. The advanced IP Cloud system is packed with more comprehensive functions, including easy-to-login interface, convenient hierarchical and group management with multi choices of storage devices,”

- Anna Hsiung, Marketing Manager at GKB.