6 Not-to-miss lenses at Secutech 2014

In Asian lenses industry, the competition gets tougher while some leading Japanese, Korean brands and rising Chinese manufacturers continue new developments in technologies offering cost-effective products. In Secutech 2014, the 6 highlighted lenses from DAIWON, EVETAR, FOCTEK, MYUTRON, TAMRON, and YUTONG have demonstrated respectively technical advantages such as higher megapixel quality and HD IR lenses. Japanese manufacturers are pursuing for ultra resolution / megapixel counts as their market strategy. In 2014, TAMRON, the leading Japanese lens brand, has set 5MP / wide-angle lenses as the hottest model of the year. DAIWON, Korea's key lens supplier, has also focused on the production of 5MP CCTV lens in its product lineup. EVETAR from China is known for a rather competitive price in the Asian lens market. These Chinese lens suppliers have started to promote higher price-performance ratio products.