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Aiming for Smarter Security and Management Solution

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Vacation is always one of the most memorable moments in our life. It is the intimate moment that we share with family and beloved friends. We’d expect each trip to be an unparalleled lifetime experience, and we’d also expect it to be a safe adventure. When it comes to choosing hotel to stay overnight, security and safety are always the top priorities for the travelers.

The patrons’ experience is the primary consideration, but in the meantime, the hotel manager still expects the surveillance systems can be more than just security devices; instead, it is better that the systems can make day-to-day operation and management more efficient, leading to exceptional customer services.

Video Surveillance in Hotel:
Security, Discreet, and Privacy

When it comes to hotel security application, video surveillance is definitely one of the most crucial facets in order to ensure customers and staffs’ safety in the premises. However, in regards to deploying security cameras in the hotel and villa, it is important to keep in mind that the users in this sector have higher demand, in order to make sure that the patrons are comfortable and secured, instead of letting them feel being monitored all the time. The surveillance cameras installed in the hotel have to be able to blend into surrounding area perfectly.

“The level of discreet, privacy, and security on surveillance products are the main requirements for hotel and villa environments,” said Chris Hsu, Global Marketing Director of Merit LILIN. “LILIN’s Covert IP camera is perfect for discreet application, as it comes with flexible mounting options that comprise a main unit and a separate allowing them to be mounted up to 6-meter apart.”

DoubleTree by Hilton in Chile upgrades video surveillance with Dahua IP solution.
Right place, right device
Surveillance cameras in the hotel usually scatter in various areas; therefore, the requirements for different locations should be different as well. For example, surveillance cameras installed in the parking lot have to able to provide high-quality recording image for video analytics and forensic investigation, whereas the cameras set at the entrance should especially be able to deal with backlight environment.

While various security systems are scattering around the premises, it is self-evident that owning a powerful central management platform will allow the users to have all the cameras in control effectively. “Security personnel must be able to monitor the theft of hotel property effectively, while also taking into account that in the case of multiple properties, the video systems at the various locations need to be networked so they can access video in case of an emergency,” said Jumbi Edulbehram, Regional President of Americas at Oncam.

When it comes to systems upgrades…
However, after years of deployment, the users will eventually find it necessary to upgrade security systems, not only for more advanced technologies but the device may have reached the end of its lifecycle.

Despite IP-based system seems to be a smart option for the users due to its convenient functions such as video analytics and better integration with other systems, ripping out the existing coaxial cables can be extremely pricey and cause long-term business disruption, which is the most undesirable scenario for the manager.

So, what are the other options for analog systems adopters?
Hybrid system makes every penny counts
For the users seeking for migration to IP-based systems but with limited budget, hybrid solution will be an ideal choice for them, since there will be no need for recabling and the construction will bring the minimized interruption

Splendor Hotel uses Axis’ video surveillance system to further strengthen service quality.
Basically, DVR has a considerably shorter lifecycle comparing to camera. By the time it needs to be replaced, the easier choice might be merely replacing the DVR and keep the existing coaxial cables, according to Johan Åkesson, Director Business Development at Axis Communications.

“Encoders allow existing analog cameras to be connected to an IP-based video surveillance solution,” said Åkesson. “With video encoders the same video management software can be used for both analog and network cameras providing a single common interface for operators.”

Deploying video encoders to transfer analog signal to IP may be a slower systems migration process but comes with lower expense for sure. Meanwhile, lifecycle for each surveillance system is different. Hybrid device will be a lifesaver when only few of the surveillance cameras come to the end of its lifecycle and it’s still unnecessary to rip out all the existing cables.

GKB optimized security system in Imperial Hotel Cebu in the Philippines.
Save time and money by choosing HD-over-coaxial solution
“The main cost for installing security camera is wiring arrangement,” said Siddha, Sales Manager of GKB Security. “AHD cameras deliver high resolution images and meet both needs of being compatible to previous cabling systems and eliminating the cost of new wiring arrangement.”
Surging demand for IP-based surveillance system
Despite the fact there are still a lot of hotels and villas sticking to analog surveillance systems, a continuously increasing demand for video analytics to observe guests behaviors in the common areas can be seen in the market over the past few years.

“This information can be used for understanding how guests use these common areas and measuring wait times for check-in and check-out,” said Edulbehram. The collected information can use for operation and management valuation. By analyzing the customers’ behavior, the data could be a valuable asset for planning future market strategy.
Smart device gives greater flexibility
The widespread use of smart device brings our daily life to a whole new level with more conveniences and makes our world more connected. Since smart device has become part of our life, the users will also expect to extend this convenience to security applications.

A crucial factor that the users might in favor of IP-based surveillance systems is the capability to monitor the property from remote locations in real time, which is especially a feature that can help to provide the best service in a timely manner. “If needed, the network surveillance can be monitored from a computer on another part of the world or by using a smart phone giving the surveillance management great flexibility,” said Åkesson.
Gaming facility gives prominence to 4K technology
The hotel and villa with gaming facilities inside the premises has more stringent requirements when it comes to deploying surveillance systems.

ISC secures key operating license to provide security and crowd management in Singapore.
First of all, the surveillance system has to meet specific regulations issued by local authorities, and the regulations vary from area to area, and also from casino to casino. However, according to Ron Grinfeld, Director of Vertical Marketing of DVTEL, full frame rate and complete failover are two mandated requirements shared across all jurisdictions.

In the gaming area, high-resolution recording quality is definitely in demand. A high quality recording footage is not only for security purposes, but also for monitoring gaming table with the most details possible – this is why 4K cameras are gaining ground in the security market. “The 4K pixel density allows two times the digital zoom of a full HD 1080P camera… This achievement allows casinos to reduce the number of cameras required to monitor a single table – including both the gaming surface and the players’ face – from two or three cameras to a single camera,” said Grinfeld.

Manage the Doors with Smarter Plan

The access control system deployed in the hotel or villa must be able to assign different access levels for guests, housekeeping, security, and management staffs. Furthermore, some users in the hospitality sector might demand higher-level access control on elevator, restricting unrelated people having the access to certain floors.

“For access control, a solution must be cost effective, as each system in a hotel or villa has hundreds if not thousands of doors. The cost of the hardware and the cards can add up quickly,” said Edulbehram. “More importantly, each access control solution must be easy to use and integrate seamlessly with property management systems to maximize effectiveness,”

However, it could be extremely expensive to upgrade access control systems in a hotel; it usually implies changing access systems on every door to each room.

“As more and more people expect to use their smartphones for more convenient life, access control systems should be deployed that enable guests to use their smartphones to check in and for access to rooms,” said Edulbehram. Simply by sending credential to the guest’s phone, the hotel manager can directly authorize the access to a particular room or floor, making sure the security in the premises is always in control.

Aiming for Smarter Solution

Fairmont Jakarta safeguards the guest’s security with QNAP VioStor NVR solution.
As big data analytics is seen as a valuable asset that will help the users making business decisions and also being able to make effective response to security emergency, it is expected that the demand for analytics technologies, be it video content analysis or access log analysis, will keep growing in years to come. This, for sure, will be followed by a surging deployment of IP-based security system featuring flexible installation and more connected management and operation.