In consideration of adopting surveillance camera for our home sweet home, the utmost crucial demands are remote monitoring via smart devices and easy installation. Most of the home cameras are set up not only for property protection but, mostly, for watching over pets and family members. Therefore, being able to keep an eye on your loved ones anytime and anywhere with an easy-to-use mobile app can bring the users peace of mind.

Secondly, home surveillance cameras have to be able to install conveniently allowing the users to effortlessly set up the camera any place in their residences. Network configuration might also be a barrier for home users at all age; therefore, many home cameras are now designed with Wi-Fi connection, making sure that the users do not have to go through all the troubles on network configuration.

It goes without saying that home users are now very picky on the camera’s appearance as well. They are not merely looking for a high-quality surveillance camera that equipped with two-way audio function, brilliant night-view mode, and excellent image quality;
home users now also demand finely crafted surveillance devices as part of their home decoration. here presents you a series of high-quality home cameras:


GKB Aetherlink IP camera

  • 720p resolution at 30/25 image frames; VGA/QVGA
  • 120-degree wide angle with Z-Wave transmission
  • Built-in microphone and speaker

“Featuring safety, time and money saving, AetherLink is more than just an IP camera since it equips with built-in gateway so that customers have no need of purchasing a costly controller. Aside from Two-way Audio and instant notification functions, more sensors will continually be launched – AetherLink is able to integrate over 200 sensors
in the future. Thus your convenience will expand beyond your imagination,”

- Keyla Yang, Marketing Specialist at GKB.