Quick Guide to Health Care Security

Health care expenditures are on the rise the world over, as birth rates continue to drop and people live longer. As governments and private practices pour in investments to fortify health care infrastructure - hospitals, pharmaceuticals, information and cloud systems, telemedicine, medical tourism, regulations - security needs and requirements also evolve. Physical and logical security systems increasingly rely on each other, working side by side on-site or in the cloud, managed by the same IT or security director; new ways and solutions to control, authenticate and integrate are urgently needed. asmag has put together this special collection for easier perusal and reference, for your next security gig in the health care sector.

Health care provides shot in the arm to solution providers
Health care provides shot in the arm to solution providers

The health care sector poses unique challenges and opportunities, said John Davies, MD at Time and Data Systems International (TDSi). " After all, you have to provide security while, at the same time, guaranteeing access to patients and family members. You simply cannot go over the top in locking things down." Davies estimates that the Americas account for 50 percent of the global market for electronic security products and systems sold to the health care sector, followed by EMEA with 30 percent, East Asia 20 percent, and the rest of Asia 10 percent...

Integrated Access
Specialized Surveillance
Cabinet Locks/Door Openers