Spruce up School Security during Summertime

With most students and staff away from the campus, summer is the perfect time to beef up campus security measures. asmag has put together this special feature to highlight best practices and some of the latest product releases, to help you and your clients (school administrators) put the best possible protection in place before the fall semester.

K-12 schools worldwide vamp up security
K-12 schools worldwide vamp up security

Schools are meant to provide a safe haven for young minds to grow and learn. Hence, they often consist of bright and open spaces with large windows so as to create an environment that encourages learning. In light of the unfortunate Sandy Hook incident in December 2012, however, the very openness meant to encourage a friendly atmosphere also poses security risks. This feature looks at the K-12 security market globally, and the risks that schools face. At first glance, universities are what come first to mind when it comes to campus security, due to their scale. For example, they generally are open...

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