Retail is one of the verticals most associated with video surveillance systems, particularly for shrink prevention or losses from employee/customer theft, and other management issues. As a result, operators turn to video surveillance to prevent such losses. We reached out to several manufacturers to hear from them which features are important in the implementation of security systems in chain stores. The similar characteristics are like central management, and standardized business practices.


Creating stable Ethernet transmission for IP surveillance in retail chain stores

Stable transmission and sufficient power supply are essential to ensure effective surveillance system, especially when several chain shops are connected.

How security drives data-driven decision-making at chain stores

Retail businesses can make use of the data collected by security solutions to understand customer requirements better and improve marketing and sales.

GKB IP Cameras and Cloud CMS enhance security in Saudi Arabia

With the solution, the customer needed to host just one standalone Linux-based NVR at the Central Monitoring Center in the headquarters.

Global retailer Cole Haan standardizes on intelligent IP video solution and services

The new solution addresses all of the retailer’s key requirements, such as enabling the loss prevention team to conduct investigations remotely.


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