“Better image quality, easy-to-installation, long distance transmission are three major concerns when it comes to deploying CCTV upgrade solution,” said Anna Hsiung, Marketing Manager at GKB. “This camera supports long transmission with no delay, low cost, and full-HD image. It is also flexible to support 960H and D1 image mode – an economical and time-saving solution for sure.”
--------------------------------------------------------- Anna Hsiung, Market Manager at GKB
  • ▪ 1/3” SONY CMOS 1.3M
  • ▪ 720P Resolution 
  • ▪ 1280H Video Output
Upgrades Can Be That Easy

Since IP system emerged a few years ago, analog players have been trying to supply solutions with higher image quality and more efficient installation. Despite the market share of IP solutions are increasing steadily, analog systems still domain with around 70 to 80 percent.

Being able to deliver superb image quality at longer distance, HD-over-coaxial solutions, be it AHD, ccHDtv, HDCVI, and HDTVI, promise the end users a carefree surveillance systems upgrade without hassle on ripping out existing cables.

HD-over-coaxial systems also guarantee no frame losing, as bandwidth is not an issue at all for image transmission. “ccHDtv, transmitting through DVB-t, is able to provide image resolution of 1080P perpetually, and the end users will not suffer from poor image quality as the cables aging over time,” said Bryan Wang, Business Development Manager of a-tec.

As many retrofit projects face with restrain budget, better quality with lower budget is another major advantage of HD-over-coaxial solutions. “GKB AHD 5480 dome camera is ideal to adopt for retrofit project in chain store, residential area, bank, and education sectors,” said Anna Hsiung, Marketing Manager at GKB.

Meanwhile, a great demand on HD-over-coaxial solutions is seen in the verticals with critical environment and larger area to be covered with such as factories and critical infrastructures. Although Asian market shows more interests in HD-over-coaxial solutions in the past, European countries with higher CCTV deployment density, such as the UK, is full of business potential as well, according to Wang.