ATMs are very vulnerable to attacks, both physical and cyber. Against this backdrop, the use of video surveillance at ATMs could be used to record, detect, and thwart vandalism or attempts to steal from the machines. However, it is important to notice that ATM surveillance equipment, such as cameras and recorders, must conform to small form factors and be linked to the bank’s transaction database to effectively pinpoint when an event took place.


LILIN bank surveillance solutions improve protection against threats

Retail businesses can make use of the data collected by security solutions to understand customer requirements better and improve marketing and sales.

Is biometric identification the future of ATMs?

ATMs are prone to card skimming schemes, resulting in fraud and theft. The addition of biometric identification to ATMs could help banks combat this issue.

Cyber-attacks on banks highlight need for advanced security systems

The rise in mobile and online banking has increased the risk of cyber-attacks. Now, banks must protect themselves and customers from these invisible threats.

Bank Rakyat Indonesia implements Genetec's IP access control system

Bank of Rakyat Indonesia implemented Genetec's Synergis IP access control system to restrict access to vulnerable areas.


DLX-SPA Hidden pinhole Spy Camera
Hikvision 6MP IR Fisheye Camera
Milestone Husky M50 Advanced NVR
Vanderbilt Aliro IP Access Control Solution